21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals

This multi-professional course is intended for students in nursing, physiotherapy, medicine, allied health care workers, and many others fields, who want to develop new skills and work in an international context.

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Course Level
ECTS credits
Course location(s)
Utrecht, The Netherlands


The course is organised by the Institute for Nursing Studies, UASU Utrecht. We will focus on themes as rehabilitation, technology, clinical reasoning, positive health, intercultural competence, mental and social health, innovation and designing. These topics will be discussed in a multi-disciplinary working environment. Previous students from the class of 2023 expressed high satisfaction with our course. 

Nurses, physiotherapists and all kinds of healthcare workers must deal with the challenges of a continuously changing world. From an international point of view, we notice global similarities and differences. Universal topics like 21st century skills (using new technologies), leadership, intercultural competences, nutrition and polypharmacy are all connected to health topics.

In this changing world, we are facing more and more complex diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and occurrence of pain. The prevalence and incidence are also increasing rapidly. These diseases and conditions occur more and more in combination to each other. Approximately one patient with one type of cardiovascular disease has 3.8 other diseases at the same time. 

In this interdisciplinary working environment and intercultural context, we challenge students to experience elements of their own lifestyle and to combine this with their role as healthcare professionals. This course is very interactive and includes visits to healthcare institutes and technology labs. 

Day to Day Documents

Summerschool 21st Century Skills - Schedule 2024 CONCEPT.pdf


  • Dr. Thijs van Houwelingen, Senior Researcher and Principal Lecturer in Nursing, Institute for Nursing Studies
  • Gilbert Koelewijn, MSc, PhD Candidate in Games for Clinical Reasoning, and lecturer in Nursing, Institute for Nursing Studies

Aim of the course

Equipping students with appropriate competencies for the healthcare challenges in the 21st century, using state of the art technologies and new biological, mental and social perspectives.

Study load

Two weeks of lectures, workshops and visits (72 contact hours, 53 hours preparation, self-study and final assignment). Prior to the start of the summer school, students will have an assignment. An assessment will follow at the end.


  • Course fee: €950.00
  • Student fee: €650.00
  • Included: Course + course materials
  • Housing fee: €400
  • Housing provider: Utrecht Summer School
  • The fee for professionals, both foreign and Dutch is €950
  • Students receive a €300 discount
  • Hogeschool Utrecht students pay €50 (receive a €900 discount)

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Additional information

The housing costs do not include a Utrecht Summer School sleeping bag. This is a separate product on the invoice. If you wish to bring your own bedding, please deselect or remove the sleeping bag from your order once you apply for the course. 


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