The Utrecht Summer School is part of Utrecht University.

Any offer of a place made to the course participant (to be called ‘participant’ from now on) by the Utrecht Summer School is on the basis that in accepting such an offer the participant agrees to the following terms and conditions, which form part of the contract between said participant and the Utrecht Summer School.


1. Applications can only take place via the website by submitting the completed application form followed by payment by credit card, wire transfer or IDEAL.

Applications via the website without immediate online payment will be considered as provisional applications. Following the provisional application, the participant will receive information about the payment options. The participant cannot derive any rights from the provisional application.

2. Registration closes on the date indicated for each course on the website or in the brochure. These terms and conditions may be deviated from if there are still course places available, which is left to the discretion of the course provider.

3. The day on which the payment in full has been received will be considered as the registration date.

Placement and admission

4. In the event that the number of registrations exceeds the number of available places, the method of selection differs per course provider (at the faculty or institute). The regulations are usually stated in the website course information. If this is not the case, the regulations may be requested via the contact person as referred to in the course information.

5. The Utrecht Summer School reserves the right to test the participant’s starting level in order to assess whether it fits in with the level of the course. If according to the Utrecht Summer School the starting level is insufficient, the Utrecht Summer School may decide not to admit the participant to the course.

Cancellation by the Utrecht Summer School

6. The Utrecht Summer School reserves the right to cancel the course. Reasons for this may be, but are not restricted to, low enrolment numbers and teacher availability. The Utrecht Summer School will inform participants within one week after the closing date (for registration) of the course by e-mail. Participants should keep this in mind when making travel arrangements. Any expenses made other than course and Utrecht Summer School housing fees, will not be reimbursed.

7. If in the opinion of the Utrecht Summer School placement or admission is not possible, or if the Utrecht Summer School has cancelled the course, the registration will be annulled without any costs, and course fees already paid will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

Cancellation by the participant

8. Participants have a statutory right to cancel enrolment without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the registration date, as stipulated in article 3.

9. If the course is due to begin within 14 days from the date the course offer is accepted, then, by accepting the offer of the place, the participant explicitly agrees to waive the statutory cancellation period. 

10. If the participant cancels the contract after the statutory cancellation period has expired, refund policy is as follows:

  • If the participant cancels more than four weeks before the start of the course, Utrecht Summer School will refund 85% of the full course fee (minus 15% administration fee).
  • If the participant cancels within four weeks before the start of the course, the full course fee and Utrecht Summer School accommodation fee (if applicable) will need to be paid.

Terms of payment

11. Full payment of fees must be made to the Utrecht Summer School before the first course session, and cannot be made retrospectively.

12. If the course fee is not paid on time the Utrecht Summer School shall be authorised to ban the participant from the course until the payment has been made.

Alternative arrangement Freie Universität Berlin International Summer University (FUBiS)

A number of courses in the Summer School programme are co-hosted by FUBiS. For these joined programmes, a different cancellation policy applies. This policy can be found on the course page of the combined courses.

Students may apply for the individual Berlin courses until 22 June. Applications and/or payments made between 1 June and 22 June are final and choices regarding housing cannot be changed. In case of cancellation by the participant after 22 June, 2024, the service fee (€ 130) as well as the fee for accommodation at Ju-Li Hostel in Berlin (€ 400) amounting to a total of € 530 cannot be refunded. The remaining amount will be refunded according to our regular cancellation policy.

Final provisions

13.  Participants carry responsibility for their own insurance. It is recommended that they take out relevant insurances (health, liabilities, property) during their stay in The Netherlands and abroad (the latter pertaining to students who enrol in one or several multi-city summer courses of the Utrecht Summer School). Utrecht Summer School does not accept any responsibility for such risks as injury, illness, loss or damage to property, accidents, etc.

14. In those cases for which the terms and conditions of registration do not provide, the director of the Utrecht Summer School will decide in reasonableness and in fairness.

15. The contract will be governed exclusively by Dutch law.

16. Any disputes resulting from the agreement between the participant and the Utrecht Summer School that cannot be resolved in mutual consultation will be brought before the court in Utrecht.

December 2023