Ms. Bettina Nelemans, MA - Director

I joined the Utrecht Summer School (USS) in January 2020. Moving to the USS was really a logical step for me, since I’ve studied and worked in international settings most of my life. What I like about the USS is not just its small-scale and intensive character, but also the huge commitment with which both teachers and course participants engage in the many courses that we offer. And then there’s the positive buzz that they create in the city!

Mrs. Mayke Ebbers, MSc - Coordinator

I started working at the Summer School in October 2019 due to my passion for education, top university and contact with (international) students and colleagues. From assisting course directors and faculties in offering their courses, to very practical work such as organising student housing and social events; it is all part of the job.

Looking forward to meeting you in Utrecht in the future!

Mr. Koen van der Heide - Coordinator

I've been part of the Utrecht Summer School team since March 2022. I really enjoy the international feel, the summer vibe and the connections with both students and colleagues. Just like Mayke you can find me assisting course directors and faculties in offering their courses and you'll see me organizing student housing and social events.

See you in Utrecht soon!

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