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Financial news is dominating the headlines. The financial and banking system had and still has a great impact on the economic situation in the world. Sparked by the financial crisis, the role of banks is changing, and new financing models are slowly gaining traction. During this course we will provide you with an action-based way of learning by letting you take management level decisions within a simulated environment, learning the ins and outs of running a retail bank.

Welcome to our simulated learning environment. During this intensive one-week course your group will form the management team of a retail bank, taking all management level decisions that come with running a bank while competing against the other teams in the course. In each round, you will receive direct financial results regarding the decisions made by your team providing you with valuable feedback for the next round. However, the simulation is not just about making profit, but also about sound risk management for your bank; you will have to follow the Basel III guide lines, take decisions about which products to launch and about hiring and firing staff.

This course will help you to learn all about the basics of finance, and cover topics such as financial statements, ratio analysis, asset and liability management and accounting. You will learn how to successfully run a crowdfunding campaign and gain useful insights in the field of sustainable financing and banking, such as how to finance sustainable energy projects. This simulation is a great action-based way of learning, providing you with the ins and outs of running a retail bank.  

Many students who have done this course, follow up with the B24 course "New Financing Models for a Changing World".

"I'm very impressed with this course especially with the interactive simulation bank! (participant of Summer 2019)".

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Course director
Gerrit-Jan Lanting, MSc


Gerrit-Jan Lanting, MSc

Bernard van der Biessen 

Target audience

Students from all levels (Bachelor and Master) -  a business study programme or financial background is not required. This course is for students who want to build or expand their knowledge of finance and banking.

Aim of the course

-  You will learn about and discuss basic finance and banking theory;

- You will gain knowledge of how a bank operates and functions;

- You will learn how to interpret bank balance sheets;

- You will gain a basic understanding of the accounting system and ratio analysis.

Study load

52 hours of lectures/field excursions + assignments (self-study).


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We aim to teach this course in a physical setting. If this changes you will be informed via this page and via email.

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20 June 2023