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Advanced Communication Skills: Between Persuasion and Empathy

Effective communication is key for high performing professionals. If you want to bring your communication skills to the next level and work on your personal development, then this course is here for you! Two experienced professionals teach you the most valuable skills they learned themselves over the past 15 years. This course takes you beyond the ‘basics’. You will amongst others learn the highlights from principle-based negotiation, empathic communication, critical analysis, influencing group dynamics and inspirational speaking. Last year this course course was rated with a score of 9 out of 10 by the participants.

Research Methods in Intercultural Communication

This course will be offered in an online setting. In this course, students will be introduced to the basics of conducting research in the field of Intercultural Communication. Common pitfalls of intercultural and multilingual research and possible practical solutions will also be considered. This course combines theory and relevant considerations about research methods with a more practical approach in which different methods of data collection and analysis will be explored and compared.

Introduction to Intercultural Communication

This course will be offered in an online setting. This course provides an introduction on foundational theories in the field of intercultural communication. These theories will be linked to different contexts, ranging from education and business, to migration and media. Drawing from different exercises and assignments throughout the course, we will conclude by focusing on enhancing your own intercultural awareness and applying the theories to personal experiences while attending to linguistic and cultural diversity.