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Advanced Bachelor

Are you a student or a young professional and do you want to acquire or deepen your coaching skills? Then this Summer School is for you. This course will teach you the empathic coaching skills you need as a coach or a leader. In every session you will learn and practice with powerful coaching tools, from parts work to empathy skills.  But you will not just be coaching others. For 8 weeks you will be embarking on a journey of self discovery and personal growth. You will get to know yourself better at the emotional level and connect at a deeper level with your dreams and purpose. Does this sound interesting to you? Then please join us this summer online! This course is offered in partnership with the Online Coaching Academy.


Do you wish to become a coach? Do you wish to inspire others to grow and take action on what matters most to them? And would you like to give a boost to your personal development? Then this Summerschool might be just the thing for you! In eight weeks you will learn many new skills you can use as a coach or as a young leader. You will learn to connect more easily to people, you will learn to listen to others on the level of their emotions, needs and values. And you will learn how to inspire people to take action on what they really want. We will do this in eight online sessions of 4 hours. In every sessions you will learns a new approach and a number of skills.

After this course you will have learned everything you need in order to be able to make a start as a coach. As a young leader you will have obtained skills to deepen your conversations with your team. And as a coach you will have deepened and broadened your understanding of coaching. At the same time, you will have learned a lot about yourself. At the beginning of the course you will set a number of goals for yourself and you will be coached by classmates to obtain those. In this course you will learn to find a better balance between heart and mind in order to become a more complete person. We will be exploring ourselves deeply in order to be able to contribute more to our communities.

We intend for participants from many different countries and cultures to come together in an atmosphere of respect, inspiration and fun to grow together. The course will be taught by a  number of expert trainers and coaches as well as a number of inspiring guest lecturers.

Does this speak to you? then we hope to meet you the 19th of August. And please let us know if you would have any questions.

Summary of the programme

Session1 - The overview
Session 2 - Radical empathy
Session 3 - Me, myself and I
Session 4 - The power of vulnerability
Session 5 - Purpose and meaning
Session 6 - Coherence empathy
Session 7 - Systemic approached to coaching
Session 8 - Compassion and appreciation

Course director
Danielle Vlaanderen


Hamed Noori


Imre Végh

Imre is an international trainer and (team)coach in higher education, politics and development aid agencies. His expertise lies in personal development, communication and group dynamics. He has a passion for empathic and compassionate communication, personal leadership, finding meaning and critical thinking. As a coach he brings out the best of people in a disarming and an inspiring way. He likes to ask probing questions, challenge assumptions and analyse arguments, all aimed at growth and learning. An idealist in heart and soul, he likes to use his critical mind to better the world. Critical when needed, with humor when possible. He likes to connect heart and mind when doing his coaching. He worked with many politicians and members of parliament, development organisations in Uganda, Laos and Vietnam amongst others, for commercial companies and many universities such as the International Space University in Strasbourg, the Honours Programme at the University of Groningen, Nyenrode Business University and students of the University of Beijing.   

Jan Reinder Rosing

Jan Reinder studied (International) Law at the University of Utrecht. In 2004 he became European Champion debating and training, coaching and facilitating. In 2005 he became a CSA-certified coach. In 2008 he left his company and became a diplomat for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for which he served in The Hague and the Dutch Embassy in Ankara. In the meantime he continued coaching teams and individuals. In 2016 he joined the EU Diplomatic Service for three years to work on the prevention of violent conflict outside of the EU. In his time with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs he led teams of up to ten people. In 2019 he started working part-time as a teamcoach and organization advisor in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affaris. At the same time, he founded a company that focuses on supporting organizations and individuals in developing wisdom. He followed many trainings in amongst other leadership, empathic communication and inclusive decision making.

Target audience

Students and young professionals.

EU-graduates of the course will be given the opportunity to make paid coaching hours to solidify their experience and obtain an additional certificate.

Study load

Weekly sessions between 1 PM and 5 PM CET.

On average 4 hours of weekly assignments and 4 hours of reading.


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This course is offered in partnership with the Online Coaching Academy.

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31 May 2022