Hands-on GIS for Earth Scientists

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Advanced Bachelor
This course is closed and you can't apply anymore. Please check our other courses.

This course is a hands-on course on GIS with two weeks of practicals in the GIS Lab of the faculty of Geosciences. The following topics will be covered: Working with ArcGIS Pro and Spatial Analyst, Modelbuilder and Python, automatic DEM extraction of stereo aerial photographs using Erdas Imagine eATE and Agisoft, Mobile GIS / GPS data collection, local/global datasets and datatypes, and poster making.

In this 'hands on' course the emphasis lays on working with GIS and existing spatial datasets (national and global) together with a theoretical embedding. The software used is ESRI ArcGIS Pro, PCRaster. ERDAS/IMAGINE, Lastools, Agisoft.

  • Introduction to GIS theory, including data (types, projections), analyses (vector/raster), mapping; 
  • Modelbuilder/scripting;
  • General software training using parts of the ESRI virtual campus courses and more specific instructions on software and data;
  • Mapping exercises with existing data. Study areas will include fieldwork study areas;
  • Dem extraction classic aerial photos and drone images;
  • GPS data collection;
  • Site visit maproom Utrecht University library.

At the end of the course participants will present a poster with all the data of a topic of their choice.

Development of Transferable Skills

  • Hands-on training GIS;
  • Poster making: A0 poster;
  • Technical skills: using the computer programmes ESRI platform, ErdasImagine. lastools, pcraster, introduction python.

Due to the nature of this course presence in Utrecht is required. This course will only be taught in a physical setting.

Day-to-day programme (PDF)
Course director
Drs. Maarten Zeylmans Van Emmichoven

Aim of the course

In this Hands-on training GIS you will learn the theoretical fundamentals of geospatial data analysis; practical hands-on skill for the use of GIS Mapping with ESRI ArcGIS desktop Collecting and processing of field data using mobile device and portable instruments. You will also train yourself in poster making and your technical skills using the computer programmes ESRI platform, ErdasImagine. lastools, pcraster, introduction python.


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Utrecht Summer School

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16 June 2022