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Introduction to GIS for Human and Behavioral Scientists

The objective of the course is to provide students, that have a background in social, human or behavioral sciences, with an introduction to GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This course aims at highlighting the specific qualities of GIS regarding visualisation and combination of datasets with a spatial component. Several topics will be covered, such as introduction to ArcGIS 10.4 and a presentation of data and results.

Sense making of GPS Data in a GIS environment

This course focuses on the application of GIS Tools to analyse outdoor movements of people or animals. The objective is to provide students with insight in the principles of sense making of GPS Data in a GIS environment. Collection of travel/movement data is nowadays made easy through the use of GPS-loggers and Smartphones. This course focusses to how to collect, clean and enrich these datasets with GIS by combining locational data with existing land use and transport datasets.

Hands-on GIS for Earth Scientists

This course is a hands-on course on GIS with two weeks of practicals in the GIS Lab of the faculty of Geosciences. The following topics will be covered: Working with ArcGIS Pro and Spatial Analyst, Modelbuilder and Python, automatic DEM extraction of stereo aerial photographs using Erdas Imagine eATE and Agisoft, Mobile GIS / GPS data collection, local/global datasets and datatypes, and poster making.