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Towards Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions

Are you interested in learning about the chances, and challenges for just energy transitions that ´leave no one behind´? This course examines the socioeconomic dimensions and distribution outcomes of sustainability transitions in theory and practice from a multi-disciplinary perspective. With a special focus on the Global South, employment and social reproduction, and on energy transitions in particular, the course aims to discuss ways in which green transitions can create sustainable development benefits for vulnerable and traditionally excluded communities and groups. The course provides participants with a solid overview of the conceptual and political debates regarding inclusivity and fairness in energy transitions. Participants will also gain practical insights on ways to optimize the social and economic development impacts of green transition initiatives. This online course is organized by the International Development Studies Group of the Human Geography and Planning Department at Utrecht University´s Faculty of Geoscience, with contributions from guest scholars, practitioners, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, participants will work on a group project.   

Europe as a Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry

This three-week course will focus on Europe as a place to do business. You will explore the challenges faced by European companies, the solutions they find, and gain insight on how business cultures in the European Union influence the decision-making processes. The focus is on new business models, corporate social responsibility, sustainable innovation, and creative approaches to brand identity – all strategies used by European companies to prepare for the future.

LANDac Annual Summer School "Land Governance for Development"

Welcome to the LANDac (the Netherlands Land Academy) Annual Summer School “Land Governance for Development”. Large-scale acquisition of land in the Global South has received a great deal of interest in the last few years. This online course provides a multidisciplinary analysis of the ‘land rush’ within the more general context of land governance in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We will look at the history and drivers, the diversity of stakeholders and networks involved, the urgency of current challenges and innovative governance solutions.