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Soft Skills for (Future) Diplomats and Peacebuilders

Are you an (aspiring) diplomat or peacebuilder? And do you have ideals for a better world? And would you like to work on your communication and personal leadership skills? Then this is the place for you! During this summer school a seasoned diplomat and an experienced peacebuilder, both with lots of training experience, will work with you on your need to know in order to contribute to making this world a safer, more peaceful and more sustainable place. Expect a fun and highly interactive training that is both about thinking and feeling.

Contemporary Conflict Analysis: Actors, Issues & Technologies of 21st Century Warfare

Owing to the ever-changing nature of warfare, the field of conflict studies requires an informed approach towards answering the question of why various actors resort to violent conflict. This online summer school, closely linked with Uglobe's Intimacies of Remote Warfare programme and the Centre for Conflict Studies (CCS) of Utrecht University, equips scholars and professional practitioners alike with cutting-edge knowledge and transferable skills for mapping, analysing and responding to warfare in the 21st century: who is fighting and how do they relate to one another (actors); what are they fighting over and why (issues and interests); and how exactly are they fighting (technologies and practices).