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Discovering the Dutch: Dutch Culture and Society

This special track explores the question of Dutch identity by placing the history of the Netherlands and Dutch art in a wider European and transatlantic perspective. You will be introduced to the rich cultural traditions that the Netherlands has developed from the Dutch Golden Age to the present day in artistic fields such as painting, literature, poetry and filmmaking. You will also analyse internationally debated issues in Dutch society, past and present. These include traditions of literacy, cosmopolitanism, and tolerance as well as more practical issues, including euthanasia and the internationally renowned drugs policies.

Dutch Culture: Society and Current Issues

Dutch Culture: Society and Current Issues is an intensive two-week programme in which you will be introduced to Dutch culture and identity by Utrecht University scholars and guest lecturers. We aim to lay a solid foundation of knowledge of present-day Dutch society and its recent history, in a way that we hope will be both informative and enjoyable.