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Meaningful Leadership for a Better World

Do you have a passion for making a positive impact in the world? Do you want to learn how to lead with purpose, values, and ethics? Do you want to develop your skills in sustainability and social innovation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready to join the Meaningful Leadership for a Better World course at Utrecht Summer School. This course will help you discover what meaningful leadership means and how to apply it to your own context and challenges. You will also learn how to communicate your vision effectively and inspire others to create change.

This course is designed for students and professionals who want to enhance their leadership potential and make a difference in their communities and organizations. You will benefit from the expertise and guidance of experienced lecturers and guest speakers from various sectors and backgrounds. You will also have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded peers from different countries and cultures.

The course will take place from 7 to 18 August 2023 in the beautiful city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. You will enjoy a stimulating and interactive learning experience, as well as a rich cultural and social program. You will also receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course. Don’t miss this chance to join the Meaningful Leadership for a Better World course at Utrecht Summer School. Apply now and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of learning and growth!

Ecogames. Games and Play for Sustainability Awareness, Communication and Action

*** UPDATE 16-04: Tentative schedule published (see below). Day-to-day program will follow in May. ***   

With the impending climate crisis and its short-term repercussions becoming more ‘tangible’ every year, popular media and especially games are increasingly moving into the center of attention. Whether these so-called ‘ecogames’ can provide new spaces to experiment with alternative forms of sustainable practices and communal organization, or simply reproduce ecomodernist fantasies, both digital and analogue games as well as the player cultures emerging around them are tuned in to many of the pressing environmental concerns we face today.

Introduction to Complex Systems

Our world has an abundance of so-called complex systems. These are typically large collections of connected elements that influence each other. In this course, we combine examples across physics, the life sciences, socio-economic sciences and humanities with an introduction to basic mathematical tools to learn a complex systems way of thinking. The main aim is to show students how complex systems science is applied by Utrecht University researchers to challenging societal problems.