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Doing Business in Europe - Europe as a Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry

This course is canceled.

Find out and learn all about the current European business environment through a range of up-to-date real case studies, which we will link to the fundamental theories and concepts of how business is done in Europe. This three-week course will focus on Europe as a place to do business. You will explore the challenges faced by European companies, the solutions they find, and gain insight on how business cultures in the European Union influence the decision-making processes. The focus is on new business models, corporate social responsibility, sustainable innovation, and creative approaches to brand identity – all strategies used by European companies to prepare for the future. This course combines a theoretical and practical approach. Interactive lectures, group assignments, company visits in the Netherlands, an excursion to Brussels and a study trip to Milan (Italy) will help you to shape your views on what works and what doesn’t it European Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry.

Innovation in European Business: Business Models, Leadership and Design (combined 5 weeks' track)

Innovation is key for companies to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and is arguably the most important factor for long-term organisational success. During this track we will introduce you to the drivers and challenges of innovation in Europe and how people and organisations handle these. You will gain experience, insights and in-depth knowledge of innovation in Europe. We will look at different perspectives of innovation, on an individual level as well as on an organisational level, for you to explore innovative supportive features of leaders, organisations and processes.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe: Business Models and Financing Models

This course focuses on the value of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship in European business and will familiarise students with the interplay between science and technology and the commercialisation of knowledge and design. Building business models from an in-depth understanding of the gap between innovation and business in Europe. You will explore innovation challenges faced by European companies, gain insights into how governments and business cultures in the European Union influence innovation, and discover the traits of innovative ventures and people.