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History of Art: A Thousand Years of European Highlights

This year, this track will be offered in an online format. The European Highlights combines a broad approach with profound analysis over the period of six weeks with lectures from Florence, Utrecht and Berlin. Seize this opportunity to travel back through time in only one summer! Upon completion, you will have experienced Western Art in broad strokes, and covered particular periods in great detail. The online course is highly interactive, and for a large part takes place, although digitally, in front of the original artworks.

Introduction to Intercultural Communication

This course will be offered in an online setting. This course provides an introduction on foundational theories in the field of intercultural communication. These theories will be linked to different contexts, ranging from education and business, to migration and media. Drawing from different exercises and assignments throughout the course, we will conclude by focusing on enhancing your own intercultural awareness and applying the theories to personal experiences while attending to linguistic and cultural diversity.