Ringing the Bells of the Dom Tower

The bells of the Dom Tower have played an important role in the past and are unmistakably still an important part of Utrecht’s cultural heritage at present. Whenever the Bell Ringers of Utrecht ring the bells of the Dom by hand, they are heard from miles away. Some of the massive bells (weighing over 8000 kg!) have already been ringing for over 500 years.

The Utrecht Klokkenluiders Gilde (The Utrecht Bell Ringers Guild) is keeping this tradition alive by ringing the bells on Sundays and on special occasions. We invite you to be a part of this unique cultural activity. Let all of Utrecht hear that you are here and come ring the bells of the Dom Tower with us on Sunday morning! Before you will be a part of the bell ringing, you will first need to climb a part of the Dom Tower, which will already be an amazing experience in itself. Our guide will tell you more about the history and culture surrounding this ritual. Then, after ringing the bells, there will be coffee and tea (included in the price).