Social Sciences

Research design for Experimental Linguists - ILS

In this course you will learn about important aspects of a quantitative study design (research methodology), the basics of statistical (hypothesis) testing, and how methodology and statistics relate to each other.



Course Level
Advanced Bachelor
ECTS credits
Course location(s)
Utrecht, The Netherlands


This course is essential for experimental linguists. This discussion-based course will teach you to make funded decisions throughout the research process, and consequently conduct better research with valid and reliable outcomes.

The focus of this course is mainly on research methodology, which is the foundation of a scientific study. This starts with a research question. Formulating a research question and other important steps in the research process will be discussed and practiced in interactive (group) exercises. Next to methodological issues, statistical concepts like probability, hypothesis testing and power will be discussed. Last but not least, some basic statistical tests will be discussed. On the last day everything is put together in a class exercise.

This course is offered by the Institute for Language Sciences, the home of linguistic and communications research at Utrecht University.

This course is part of the preparations for entrance into the RMA Linguistics at Utrecht University.


Prof. Dr. Hugo Quené

Aim of the course

Learn to make funded decisions throughout a quantitative research process.

Study load

Daily 2 1/2 hour session. A maximum of one hour of homework per day.


  • Course fee: €200.00
  • Included: Course fee
  • Housing fee: €200
  • Housing provider: Utrecht Summer School

There is a discount of € 50 if this course is combined with at least one more Linguistics course whose title includes mention of ILS and for which the full amount is paid.

There are no scholarships available for this course.

Additional information

The housing costs do not include a Utrecht Summer School sleeping bag. This is a separate product on the invoice. If you wish to bring your own bedding, please deselect or remove the sleeping bag from your order. 


A motivation letter is required from non-EU residents. You can send it to via e-mail.