Psychodiagnostics: Theory and Skills Training

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Advanced Bachelor
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This summer, Utrecht University offers you a 'bridging' course in psychodiagnostics, in order to overcome deficiencies in psychodiagnostics and assessment for entering the master course Clinical Psychology. This summer course focusses on familiarizing oneself with theoretical backgrounds of psychodiagnostics, practicing skills necessary to master all stages of the diagnostic process (intake, formulating a diagnostic question, formulating hypotheses, selecting, scoring and interpreting methods and tools and finally reporting conclusions and recommendation).

This course deals with both psychodiagnostic theories and the application of all steps of the diagnostic proces (intake, formulating a diagnostic question, developing hypotheses, selecting, scoring and interpreting methods and tools and finally formulating conclusions and recommendation). In order to practice their diagnostic skills, students work on a case study throughout the course. All aspects of the diagnostic cycle will be described leading to documenting the entire process and the conclusions in a psychological report according to the Dutch official guidelines (BAPD). The BAPD is an official certificate issued by the Dutch Association for Psychologists (NIP) to certify that holders of it possess appropriate knowledge and have acquired adequate skills in psychodiagnostics for successful further practice and training in post master clinical courses.

The course entails lectures and interactive tutorials during which the above mentioned diagnostic skills are taught and practised. In addition, students practice to help them apply and finetune their psychodiagnostic skills. Course objectives: Acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for the professional psychodiagnostic process using standard diagnostic methods and tools.

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Drs. Lisalotte Verspui

Target audience

This course is only targeted at students applying for the Master Clinical Psychology and who have a deficiency in psychodiagnostics.

Aim of the course

The course is a bridging course for students who have deficiencies with respect to pychodiagnostic skills.

Study load

Two weeks with lectures and working groups and an additional online computer program.

Please note: Given the COVID-19 regulations, we will provide the courses in an online setting instead. More information will be provided on this course page. 


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The fee includes reading materials.

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Lisalotte Verspui | E: | T: 030 253 1594


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06 June 2021