Social Sciences

Early Childhood Research

An update of the state of the art knowledge and methods

The course is offered by the Early Childhood community of the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth.



Course Level
Advanced Bachelor
ECTS credits
Course location(s)
Utrecht, The Netherlands


Dynamics of Youth is a multidisciplinary platform that spans all departments of the university. Dynamics of Youth facilitates all researchers in the field of child development. The Early Childhood community specifically focuses on development from conception to six years of age.

Get updated on research in the field of early development. We will discuss the state-of-the-art knowledge in different key disciplines studying early development (from conception to six years of age), including:

  • new insights in the fields of language, motor and cognitive development;
  • attention to the influence of prematurity; and
  • deep dives into subjects such as feeding, sleep, play and daycare.

After an update of your theoretical knowledge in the morning, we will use the afternoon for an in-depth workshop about frequently used techniques, including surveys, machine learning, MRI, EEG and observations. Our experts will help you understand these techniques and provide new insights to take home and try yourself.


Day to Day Documents

Program_Summer school_2024.pdf

Aim of the course

Provide an overview of state of the art techniques and research in the field of early development.

Study load

Daily five to seven hours of sessions, no homework.


  • Course fee: €250.00
  • Included: Course + course materials + lunch
  • Housing fee: €200
  • Housing provider: Utrecht Summer School

Additional information

The housing costs do not include a Utrecht Summer School sleeping bag. This is a separate product on the invoice. If you wish to bring your own bedding, please deselect or remove the sleeping bag from your order. 


For this course you are required to upload the following documents when applying:

  • Motivation Letter
  • C.V.