Cloud DevOps at Scale

This course explores state-of-the-art and cutting-edge automation and infrastructure management techniques and tools for scalable and efficient Cloud DevOps.

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Student fee


Course Level
Master or PhD
ECTS credits
Course location(s)
Utrecht, The Netherlands



Cloud DevOps is a cutting-edge approach to software development and IT operations, leveraging cloud technologies to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and drive innovation.

By integrating development (Dev) and operations (Ops) practices with cloud infrastructure, Cloud DevOps enables organisations to deliver high-quality software at speed, while maintaining reliability and scalability. This course aims to provide in-depth exploration of DevOps practices required for development and delivery of high-quality cloud-native applications and systems. The course will also cover advanced and intermediate DevOps topics congruent to Cloud technologies, including Infrastructure as Code (IaC), continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), containerization, orchestration, logging and monitoring using tools like Terraform, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Prometheus and Grafana.

Through a combination of lectures, lab sessions and a team project, participants will be able to gain theoretical and practical experience in developing, deploying and scaling cloud-native applications using standard DevOps practices.


  • Dr. Nishant Saurabh (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Zhiming Zhao (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Ana Oprescu (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Maurice Mauw (SUE BV, The Netherlands)
  • Nathan Keyaerts (SUE BV, The Netherlands) 

Target audience

The course targets Master and PhD students, (professional) developers, and IT professionals interested in Cloud and DevOps technologies. Participants must be proficient in programming and have prior experience in software development.

Aim of the course

Participants will learn a modern approach to software development and IT operations in Cloud. The acquired knowledge will prepare them to contribute to collaborative projects using DevOps practices and cloud technologies through the learned concepts during the course. Through this course, participants will learn to: 

  • Manage and provision cloud infrastructure using code, enabling automation, consistency, and scalability;
  • Automate software delivery pipelines, ensuring rapid and reliable deployment of cloud-native applications;
  • Apply monitoring and observability practices in the cloud;
  • Explore strategies for designing scalable architectures and optimising costs in the cloud.

Study load


The course takes one week, with a few hours of daily theoretical lectures on advanced research topics in Cloud and DevOps. The course will also involve lab sessions which will culminate into a final project. Lab sessions and final project will include hands-on experiences with real-world scenarios in real cloud environments. The final project will be done in groups. Each group will select a topic for the final project. More details on the final project will be discussed on the first day of the course.

The course participants should bring their own laptops required for lab sessions and the final project. We will provide the participants with the Cloud credentials and instructions to access the Cloud infrastructure using their laptops on the first day of the course. Also, the daily agenda of the course will be posted closer to the start of the programme.

Please note that summer school certificates awarding require mandatory attendance on all days and successful completion and submission of the final project.


  • Course fee: €750.00
  • Student fee: €250.00
  • Included: Course + course materials + lunch

We will charge a registration fee of € 750 (or € 250 for students) to cover our expenses. Please note that the course fee do not include accommodation costs. Also, we do not offer any housing and needs to be arranged by the participant themselves if required.

Additional information

Housing for July 8 to July 12 is fully booked for new applications. For hotel and hostel options click here.

Please note that summer school certificates awarding require mandatory attendance on all days and successful completion and submission of the final project. Also, the course organisers reserve the right to cancel the summer school in case the minimum number of participants for the course are not reached.


For this course you are required to upload the following documents when applying:

  • C.V.