Prep Course Master Veterinary Medicine

The course-programme offers intensive training in the physical examination of animals. Furthermore, you will learn how to perform clinical reasoning and will learn about topical issues on animal welfare, ethics and legislation.

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Course Level
ECTS credits
Course location(s)
Utrecht, The Netherlands


Do you want to be a veterinarian? And are you studying at an EAEVE or AVMA accredited veterinary institution? Are you interested in advancing animal health and animal welfare in relation to public health and the environment? Then sign up for this summer course that will prepare you for the Master’s programme of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University.

Structure of the programme

The programme starts with a few introductory lectures and then consists mainly of practicals (to practise your diagnostic and lab skills) and seminars (where you will work mainly on clinical reasoning). 


You will be tested on all elements of the course by a formal examination which consists of a written exam and a practical component – the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE). In addition, you will be expected to write a narrative review that will be graded. The narrative review must be submitted before 1 September 2024, i.e. either during or soon after completion of the summer school. After successful completion of the course and the examination, you will be awarded a certificate.

In addition to being used as a preparatory programme for those wishing to follow the Master’s programme in Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht, this summer course is also a great way to hone your basic skills in production animal medicine and as such can be used as a stand-alone addition to your studies. You are expected to be familiar with basic veterinary medical terminology (in English).

Admission to the Prep Course Master Veterinary Medicine

Students who pass the summer course examination - including the narrative review component - and who are proficient in both Dutch and English, are eligible to apply for admission to the Master’s programme Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. The Master’s programme trains students to become generally certified veterinarians (DVM).

Utrecht University is the only university in the Netherlands with a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The quality of the Dutch veterinary education is internationally recognised by the AVMA and the EAEVE and contributes to the high level of veterinary performance in the Dutch animal sector.

Please note: If you wish to apply to the Master Veterinary Medicine, the Utrecht Summer School certificate you receive in the summer of 2024, will expire in June 2026.

Information about AVMA and EAEVE accreditation/approval.

Because of the nature of the course this summer school will be offered face-to-face, with possibly some online components. Presence in Utrecht is required.

Target audience

The course is meant for applicants studying Veterinary Medicine at a degree programme in Veterinary Medicine (minimum admissions requirement >= 140 EC) within Europe accredited or approved by the EAEVE or the AVMA (see description field for links to the websites). Please note: if the number of applicants exceeds the maximum of ten, your motivation will be considered for selection.

Are you a student from Antwerp or Ghent? 

It is advised that you meet the minimum of 140ECTS at the time of applying for the Prep Course. If the number of ECTS depends on one or more exams (or resits) we ask you to email us at We will consider each case individually and determine whether the candidate is admissible. Additional information about your study progress and an interview can be part of this procedure. Important to keep in mind is that your study progress should be advanced enough for you to graduate shortly after finishing the Prep Course. The Prep Course certificate is valid for 2 years, after that period you are no longer admissible for the Master of Veterinary Medicine.


If you have a veterinary background and are a 'statushouder' please get in contact via for additional information about the application procedure. It is required that you submit your dossier to the Diergeneeskunderegister before applying to the Prep Course in Veterinary Medicine. The decision of the Committee for Foreign Animal Healthcare Graduates (CBGD) has to be submitted with you application for the Prep Course.

Foreign veterinarian with a letter from CBGD?

Veterinarians who have obtained their degree in veterinary medicine outside the Netherlands and have submitted the request to be registered at the Diergeneeskunderegister (CBGD) are admissible if:

- they have received a letter with the decision of the Committee for Foreign Animal Healthcare Graduates (CBGD) stating that the degree can be seen as equal to the Dutch Bachelor's diploma in Veterinary Medicine, and;

- meet the language proficiency requirements.

The decision of the Committee for Foreign Animal Healthcare Graduates (CBGD) has to be submitted with your application for the Prep Course.


Please note the language proficiency requirements: Dutch NT2 B2 (or higher), English C1 (or higher). The certificates have to be obtained before the start of the Prep Course.


Aim of the course

At the end of this course, you should be able to perform a thorough clinical examination in a variety of animal species, for example cattle, swine and poultry, but also dogs, cats and horses. You should also be able to apply clinical reasoning to create a list of potential diagnoses, suggestions for additional tests (e.g. microbiological, biochemical), treatment options, and a prevention strategy.

Study load

The course will consist of approximately 20 hours of lectures per week, and instruction and a similar number of hours of self-study. Students will need another 20 hours to write the narrative review.


  • Course fee: €2800.00
  • Included: Course + course materials


  • The maximum capacity for this course is ten attendees.
  • If there are not enough applications, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine reserves the right to cancel this course.
  • If you inform us that you have to cancel your participation in the course at least four weeks before the start of the course, we will be able to grant you a refund of 85% of the course fees and all of the housing fees. We will no longer be able to offer you a refund if you let us know about your cancellation within four weeks of the start of the course. 

We will inform all applicants as soon as possible about any decisions made. 


For this course you are required to upload the following documents when applying:

  • Motivation Letter
  • C.V.
  • Transcript of Grades