Global Power and Technology

Competition, Innovation and Technological Advancement through Standardization in the EU



Course Level
ECTS credits
1.5 ECTS
Course location(s)
Utrecht, The Netherlands


This course will introduce students to the various legal and policy aspects of rule-making in the tech sector. In particular, it will focus on various aspects of internal market, competition law and intellectual property law, as well as geopolitical challenges surrounding technology development. 

Competition in leadership in technology development currently takes place at the global level. As it became clear from the recent legal and policy initiatives in the EU, US and China, it is not only companies that are competing for technological leadership, but also the States. By far the most important role in this technology competition is played by technical standards. Standards are written technical rules that allow technologies to function, foster innovation and technological advancement. Some of the well-known examples of such standards are the Wi-Fi and 5G. Legal, economic and policy aspects around technology standardization are becoming crucial for future legal and policy professionals who want to understand the global technological power dynamics. While this summer school will predominantly focus on the EU, other relevant jurisdictions such as US and China will also be discussed.

The course will consist of a number of interactive lectures, a simulation exercise, and on-site visits to institutions. Some knowledge of European law, and in particular competition law, is advisable, but the course can also be followed by those unfamiliar with these disciplines - for more information on this, please contact the course director.  

The course is endorsed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. 

Day to Day Documents

final_global power and technology_0.pdf


Guest lecturers from European institutions will be confirmed in due time.


Target audience

This course targets (advanced) master students with a basic knowledge and understanding of competition law,  and professionals of different disciplines, including engineering and management, who have experienced working with technologies, and in particular connectivity technologies. 

Bachelor students and other professionals may also apply for the course - please contact the course director in case of doubt.

Aim of the course

The course aims to equip students with the knowledge on technology regulation and technical standardization, focusing on different legal and policy aspects that pertain these industry rules. The course will be beneficial for those wanting to get a deeper knowledge and understanding in the areas of competition law, EU internal market law and the emerging EU legislation. This course will also be beneficial for professionals who have been working in the technology sector, particularly connectivity and IoT, and are willing to understand the variety of legal aspects around technologies used in these sectors.

Study load

One intensive week (Monday to Friday) of interactive lectures, research visits and presentations.


  • Course fee: €450.00
  • Included: Course + course materials
  • Housing fee: €200
  • Housing provider: Utrecht Summer School

For a bundled option with summer course ‘Ins-and-outs of market competition in the EU’, the price is 750.

Additional information

The housing costs do not include a Utrecht Summer School sleeping bag. This is a separate product on the invoice. If you wish to bring your own bedding, please deselect or remove the sleeping bag from your order once you apply for this course. 


For this course you are required to upload the following documents when applying:

  • Motivation Letter
  • C.V.


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