Dutch Language for Advanced Students (B2 → B2+)

In the Dutch for Advanced Learners course, you will learn to listen, read, write, and speak Dutch at an advanced level.

This course is closed and you can't apply anymore. Please check our other courses.


Course Level
ECTS credits
Course location(s)
Utrecht, The Netherlands


Do you already have a good understanding of the Dutch language? But do you find it challenging to comprehend Dutch texts and respond quickly and spontaneously in conversation? In the Dutch for Advanced Learners course, you will learn to listen, read, write, and speak Dutch at an advanced level. You will work towards reaching a B2+ language level.

You have been using Dutch for some time, but would really like to be able to speak like a native speaker. You would like to climb the career ladder, but to do so, you need to improve your Dutch language skills. Your Dutch is already quite good but you are ready to polish it and dive into the details. If you answered these questions with a ‘yes’, this Dutch language course is the perfect course for you. Our excellent language trainers will guide you in improving your use of Dutch in different  settings. The end level of this course is Dutch Level B2+.

We offer an interactive approach consisting of a wide variety of language activities. A relaxed atmosphere will be created, in which participants can share their knowledge with and learn from the trainer as well as from their classmates.

Course materials

Course materials are included in the course fee and will be handed out during the first lesson. The methodology utilised is specifically designed for highly educated individuals who wish to learn Dutch as a second language. 

The language used during the sessions is Dutch.

You will have access to an online database containing online vocabulary sets, video clips, news sites and podcasts. You will receive a certificate of participation if you have attended at least 80% of the sessions.

Placement test

You are required to do a placement test developed by Babel. This test consists of two parts: multiple choice questions and writing tasks. A teacher will assess your language skills.

Our institute is situated in a historical  building in the centre of Utrecht. We encourage you to explore this beautiful part of the Netherlands in your free time and practise your newly acquired skills with the locals.

Registration information

Registration closes in August 1st 2024. You can apply via this website

Target audience

Bachelor and Master students

Aim of the course

During this course you will:

  • expand your vocabulary
  • increase high-level conversational skills
  • improve your reading, listening and writing skills
  • gain more awareness of cultural issues
  • hone your pronunciation
  • perfect your knowledge of grammar

Study load

Total study load: 50 hours

  • Contact hours: 25 (10 classes of 2.5 hours, two weeks total, five days a week): classes start at 09:00 and will run until 11:30 hours
  • Self study: 25 hours


  • Course fee: €540.00
  • Included: Course + course materials
  • Housing fee: €400
  • Housing provider: Utrecht Summer School

Additional information

The housing costs do not include a Utrecht Summer School sleeping bag. This is a separate product on the invoice. If you wish to bring your own bedding, please deselect or remove the sleeping bag from your order.