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An introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

This Summer School Course will introduce you to qualitative research methods. We will discuss the philosophical foundations of qualitative research and indicate how to assess its quality. You will receive an interview training, conduct field observations to collect data, and write a vignette – a form of writing common to ethnography. We will provide an overview of data analysis methods and you will practice with inductive coding, following a Grounded Theory approach.

Survey Research: Statistical Analysis and Estimation

The course is based on a total survey error perspective and discusses the major sources of survey error. Participants will be presented with tools for detection and adjustment of such errors. Analysis methods are introduced using R statistical software. Knowledge of R is beneficial but not required if you have worked with SPSS, Stata, SAS or other statistical software already. Topics include coverage errors, complex sampling, nonresponse adjustment, measurement error, and analysis of incomplete data. Special attention will be given to the analysis of complex surveys that include weighting, stratification and design effects.

Survey Research: Design, Implementation and Data Processing

Changes in technology and society strongly influence modern survey research. This course covers the essentials of modern survey methodology, organized by the Department of Methodology and Statistics. Central to the course is survey quality and the reduction of Total Survey Error (coverage, sampling, nonresponse, including questionnaire and mode effects), while balancing logistics and survey costs. Best practice guidelines for surveys from design to implementation, analysis and reporting will be discussed.