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Contemporary Conflict Analysis: Actors, Issues & Technologies of 21st Century Warfare

This course equips scholars and professionals alike with cutting-edge knowledge and transferable skills for mapping, analysing and responding to warfare in the 21st century.  

Throughout the course we will address pressing questions like: How are terrorist organisations able to mobilize people towards violent action? Why do states deploy starvation and sieges as a weapon of war?  Why do states outsource violence to paramilitaries and special operation forces? What drives these different forms of perpetrator behavior? Why are advanced militaries in the midst of an AI arms race? How does remote warfare impact civilian harm? Why do some refugees face violent push-backs, while others are welcomed across numerous borders? 

Collectively, grappling with these different conflict dynamics in isolation and in relation to one another will turn you into a solid conflict analyst by the end of the Summer School.

Standing for the West on its Borderlands: Soft and Hard Security Dilemmas and Opportunities of the Baltic States

This summer school will provide an overview of one of the key trends in soft and hard security dilemmas and opportunities of the Baltics states. The objective will be to expose students to the latest trends in soft and hard security dilemmas (with more practical examples), including, countering disinformation, critical thinking, media literacy, propaganda and emotions and their impacts on large scale groups.