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The Intersectional Posthumanities

The course will build on the tradition of neo-materialist, critical, intersectional feminist posthuman theory that Braidotti is internationally known for. The course will depart from the to understand the connections between multiply differing human and nonhuman subjects, while also working to avoid the too-often seen compartmentalization of the environmental humanities, the digital humanities, and questions of social justice and equality, the School will analyze the multiple intersections between these fields of focus. Essential will be the methodological implications of posthuman scholarship in the Humanities across a broad inter-disciplinary range. The course offers a selected overview of the key literature in fields that include philosophy, literature, law, media, pedagogy, postcolonial theory and the arts. Mindful of the patterns of exclusion of the sexualised, racialised and naturalised “others” that were not recognised as belonging to humanity, special attention is devoted to perspectives emerging from Black and Indigenous epistemologies. The other focus is  on the efforts to think beyond anthropocentrism, by expanding the notion of subjectivity into an embodied, embedded, relational and affective assembly  interconnected with human and non-human entities.