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Global Trends in Demographics and Migration

Please note: this is an online course.  Global trends in Demographics and Migration is a two-week summer course that examines developments in global and regional changes in the population composition (declining birth rates and ageing) and migration policies today from interdisciplinary perspectives. The course aims at familiarizing students with a contemporary phenomenon that can be seen as one of the most outspoken expressions of globalization.

Migration, Integration and Ethnic Relations

This course will be provided in an online setting. The course will be a mixture of live online teaching and discussion and offline assignments and reading. During this course, we discuss social scientific theories and empirical research on international migration, the socio-economic and cultural integration of immigrants and their children, and reactions of the host society. Migration has made European countries ethnically and culturally more diverse. While migrants try to find their way in a new and sometimes hostile environment, host populations also have to adapt to migrants and the new religious and cultural diversity they bring with them.