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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown in the last few years from a promising research field into a widely applied technology. Many processes and decisions in our lives are governed by algorithms: from autonomous driving, e-commerce recommendations, traffic predictions to fraud detection. It is important that AI is used correctly, to prevent privacy issues, discriminations and other harm. In this course we explain what AI is, how algorithms work, and how you select, train and implement algorithms.

Data Science: Data Analysis

The course Data science: Data Analysis offers a range of techniques and algorithms from statistics, machine learning and data mining to make predictions about future events and to uncover hidden structures in data. The course has a strong practical focus: participants actively learn how to apply these techniques to real data and how to interpret their results. The course covers both classical and modern topics in data analysis.

Data Science: Introduction to Text Mining with R

Applications of text mining are everywhere: social media, web search, advertising, emails, customer service, healthcare, marketing, etc. In this course, students will learn how to apply text mining methods on text data and analyse them in a pipeline with statistical learning algorithms. The course has a strongly practical hands-on focus, and students will gain experience in using and interpreting text mining on data examples from humanities, social sciences, and healthcare.

FinTech: Practical Introduction to Blockchain and Machine Learning in Finance

Unfortunately, we will not be able to host this course this year. Please take a look at our website for the full course offer. 

Business Innovation with Blockchain and Machine Learning

Financial technology, often shortened to FinTech, is an umbrella term for innovative technology in the financial sector. This summer course focuses on two disruptive technologies: blockchain and machine learning. It provides you with both the theoretical foundations as well as hands-on experience. Overall, it will be a pleasant mix of understanding the technologies and discussing the new possibilities that it has to offer to the financial sector.