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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe: Business Models and Financing Models

This course focuses on the value of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship in European business and will familiarise students with the interplay between science and technology and the commercialization of knowledge and design.  We will spend two weeks in the Netherlands and one week in Italy. It will be very challenging and we will visit some top companies in the Netherlands.

Building business models from an in-depth understanding of the gap between innovation and business in Europe. You will explore innovation challenges faced by European companies, gain insights into how governments and business cultures in the European Union influence innovation, and discover the traits of innovative ventures and people.

We start with the focus of successful clusters in the Netherlands. Agribusiness is one one of them, and so is the Food Valley Netherlands.

Optionally, you can add one week in Italy (course B46); during the week in Italy the focal point will be new business models and high end-industry in design.