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Highlights of Law and Economics

This track deals with the highlights of Law & Economics and Europe. In the first part, the effects of European Competition Law on the economy are discussed. In the second part of this track the effects of Financial Law on the (European) Economy and the Eurocrisis are discussed. In both weeks students are asked to formulate sustainable solutions for current issues in the domain of European Law and Economics.

Law and Economics: Corporate Governance after the Financial Crisis and Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporations and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) provide excellent case studies for Law & Economics. This special track deals with these two subjects. This is a very suitable course for students who are keen to appreciate an international, non-mainstream, multidisciplinary and interactive approach to Corporate Governance and M&A. In this track the effects of the Covid-19 Crisis on Corporate Governance and Mergers and Acquisitions will also be dealt with.

Financial Law and New Technologies

This course will be offered in an online setting. New technologies are constantly testing well-established principles of financial law. Investors and other users of financial services can take advantage of new FinTech opportunities to have better services at cheaper costs, but policymakers are struggling to strike a good balance between the need to foster innovation and the necessity to protect weak market participants. How can financial law cope with technological developments on blockchain, new payment services, crypto-assets, crowdfunding, high frequency trading, and robo-advice?

Financial Law and Economics: The (Next) Financial Crisis and Europe

The financial crisis of 2008 shook up the world and was coined as the worst financial crisis since the 1930’s Great Depression. Only a year later, the European Sovereign Debt Crisis destabilized the financial market as it came out that the debts of some countries, like Greece, exceeded their GDP. Are these crises really over? Or is the next crisis just only one step away? By way of lectures, participation in workshops and writing a paper, participants get insights in these issues while formulating solutions for a more sustainable financial system.

Corporate Governance after the Financial and Covid-19 Crises

Failing Corporate governance of financial institutions has often been mentioned as an important cause of the crisis. Consequently, having a deeper understanding how Corporate boards are formed and how they act have become a topic of increasing importance. It also is already clear that the Covid-19 crisis will have a material effect on corporate governance. Do you want to know how corporations are directed and how we can make them perform better? This course will provide you with the answers!

Understanding and Managing Mergers and Acquisitions

Many executives say they use M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) as a means to consolidate or expand the market position or increase its production efficiency. Most mergers and acquisitions, however, fail to create value, leading to the so-called ‘merger paradox’. By adopting a multidisciplinary and institutional perspective, this course aims to increase the understanding of merger determinants and effects. This course deals with the economic, legal and financial aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).