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Highlights of Law and Economics

This track deals with the highlights of Law & Economics and Europe. In the first part, the effects of European Competition Law on the economy are discussed. In the second part of this track the effects of Financial Law on the (European) Economy and the Eurocrisis are discussed. In both weeks students are asked to formulate sustainable solutions for current issues in the domain of European Law and Economics.

The Making of Europe

Dive into the thrilling history of Europe and its role on the world stage, zooming in to three of the most exciting cities of Europe: Rome, Utrecht and Berlin! The combination of three online courses, designed by three excellent European universities, will provide an overview of the history and workings of Europe. Immerse yourself in Europe’s history and culture. This year we will offer this course in an online format. 

European Competition Law and Economics: Cartels and Other Evils

This course deals with the effects of European Competition Law on the behavior of businesses in the European Union (EU). An effective common market within the EU requires a fair and undistorted competition. Hence the European Commission (EC) vigorously attacks cartels and abuses of power by monopolists. A recent example of a Cartel is the ‘cooperation’ between 7 seven international banks – Barclays, RBS, Citigroup, JPMorgan, and MUFG by participating in a foreign exchange spot trading cartel. In this case the European Commission imposed a total fine of € 1.07 billion in 2019.