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Navigating Security in the Baltic States: The West's Stance on Its Borderlands

The summer school invites students to delve into the intricate security landscape of the Baltic States. This programme goes beyond traditional boundaries, offering a comprehensive analysis of security, ranging from the robust realms of hard security to the nuanced aspects of soft security. It empowers to explore security dilemmas, policy nuances, and the ever-evolving relationships that shape the Baltic States' strategic position on the borderlands of the West.

European Politics and Economy

The European Union (EU) is a political partnership between 27 democratic European countries. With a population of about 450 million, it has become a major player in global politics. In this course, the European Union is the main object of study. You will be introduced to the Union's history, institutional structures, current aims and future challenges. Lecturers will elaborate on the historical background and the various stages of integration.