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English Advanced Track 1+2 (B2 → C1)

Would you like to improve your English to C1 in an intensive programme? If so, this four-week, Advanced English course is just what you need. You will study and practise extensively, looking at writing, speaking, listening and reading skills. Our classes are interactive, giving you the chance to speak on a range of topics. You will learn to use the main language structures with confidence and collect a wide range of vocabulary. Our expert Babel language trainers will monitor your progress and give you regular feedback on your language performance and tips on how to improve.

Writing for Publication (C1 → C1+)

During your academic career, publishing your work is of great importance. Following our Writing for Publication course will enable you to improve your written academic discourse by increasing your awareness of organisation, cohesion, advanced academic vocabulary, and use of language. In this advanced level course, you will work on your own completed draft, improving it step by step. By the end of the course, you will have become aware of your language needs through analysis, practical tips, critical reading, peer review and discussion.

English Advanced 2 (B2+ → C1)

Would you like to express yourself more fluently in English at a high level? Do you sometimes find yourself searching for an expression or phrase to capture exactly what you want to say? This course will give you the tools to boost your confidence in English and reach C1 level. In this course, you will take part in a wide variety of activities designed to practise your fluency, expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar and perfect your pronunciation. Self-study is also an integral component of the course.

English Advanced 1 (B2 → B2+)

Are you looking for an in-depth, high-level course to improve your English language skills? Our Advanced course will help you to develop your language skills so that you can communicate more effectively and confidently in a wide range of work and study situations. Our interactive teaching will improve your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. We will use vocabulary work, personal feedback, and grammar revision to ensure that you achieve your learning goals and conversation. Speaking practice will be a part of every class, offering you a chance to boost your fluency and to get to know your classmates too!

Academic English Skills (B2 → C1)

Are you planning to follow (or already in) a Bachelor's or Master’s programme for which you need to have excellent English language skills? This course will help you to improve the language skills needed for your studies. We focus on academic writing, but will also prepare you to give presentations in English and to discuss your academic ideas in small groups. You will work on various aspects of academic writing, such as the structure of your paper, text cohesion and style issues, as well as improving your academic vocabulary. Your trainer will monitor your progress and give you regular feedback.