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Waterloo Uncovered Battlefield Excavation

A unique chance to access one of history's greatest battlefields at Waterloo and to work with a world-leading team of archaeologists and historians. Experience first-hand what it's like to uncover the past and to interpret those finds with the guidance of leading experts. This entry-level course requires no previous archaeological experience and is open to registered university students and to serving and former military personnel.

Battlefields Uncovered: Introduction to Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Conflict

This course brings together former and serving military personnel and university students to explore the archaeology of Waterloo and other iconic battlefields together. Sharing interests and insights, no matter what people’s background or experience, is at the heart of Waterloo Uncovered. Read on, if you are currently enrolled in a university, or a recent graduate, and want to find out why this course could be for you. If you are a former or serving member of the armed forces or a family member over 18, and would like to know more, go to Waterloo Uncovered here  What do battlefields have to tell us about the past and about ourselves? Battlefields Uncovered studies some of the most dramatic turning points in World History through the lens of Military History and Archaeology. See how groundbreaking archaeological techniques can shine a light through the fog of war. Discover the complex issues to be considered when preserving and presenting places of past armed conflict. Consider what stories should be told. And by whom? Discuss different perspectives on these questions with a diverse group of people including world-leading archaeologists and historians, museum experts and military veterans.