Project Management: From Theory to Practice (incl. PRINCE2 ®)

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Today’s environment requires organisations to continuously change policies, processes or practices - changes often organised as projects: unique, temporary efforts, performed by multi-disciplinary teams. Projects need project managers that structure complex tasks, keep an overview and have great social skills. This course prepares you for all this by combining theoretical background with a practical approach to project management. You will learn about state of the art project management methods, work on project simulations in teams. Part of the assessment is the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam; you can earn the official certificate.

Everything changes, and nothing remains the same. More than ever, this is true for the competitive environment of organisations. Many changes are managed as projects; unique efforts that require the organisation of resources of different disciplines, capabilities and organisational units. Project management is becoming increasingly important to execute projects in a controlled way. Designing the right approach to a project, planning deadlines, working with multi-disciplinary teams, personal strengths and weaknesses; these are all challenges a project manager needs to deal with.

This course prepares you for participating in or managing projects. You will learn about leading project management methods, work on project simulations in teams, and experience the different factors that determine the successful completion of a project. As part of the course assessment, you will have the opportunity to do the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam and earn the official certificate. PRINCE2® is one of the leading approaches to project management which describes procedures to coordinate people and activities in a project, how to design and supervise the project, and what to do if the project has to be adjusted if it does not develop as planned.

Next to the theoretical background, in the form of the PRINCE2® methodology, the course also offers a practical approach. You will develop your skills in project management in a one week hands-on project simulation in which you will perform various team assignments and will act as a project manager in various settings. An excursion to an important project in the Netherlands is part of the course.

The second week of the course offers a ‘learning by applying’ project simulation. Participants will experience the dynamics and teamwork that make working in projects so special. During this simulation, the trainers build upon the theoretical knowledge developed in the first week and will provide additional input from the other project management standards, change management and team development.

The content has been developed from the perspective of projects as temporary organisations that realise change in, or between, organisations. The central question is: How can a project manager, together with their project team, successfully and sustainably realise outputs and outcomes of the project? The course follows the logical phasing of a project:

  • Project initiating;
  • Project planning and start-up;
  • Project executing, monitoring and controlling.

Next to these project management activities, the participants will engage in peer observation, reflection and feedback in order to enhance the learning experience.

PRINCE2 ® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited. For more information, click here.

"No matter what your profession will be, this will be useful in every career!" student from the Netherlands, previous summer).

"It was really challenging both for learning, and self-development" (student from Italy, previous summer).



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Course director
Gilbert Silvius, PhD MBA


Gilbert Silvius, PhD MBA

Bert Hedeman, MSc

Dagmar Zuchi, PhD MBA

Target audience

This course is open to students in all fields, as long as you wish to develop your project management skills and realise that it takes a lot of personal effort to develop those. A good command of the English language is essential.

Aim of the course

After successful completion of this programme, you will have a clear focus on project management from both a theoretical as well as a practical (personal) perspective. If you have successfully completed the PRINCE2® Foundation examination, you will obtain a certificate for this. The specific learning outcomes of the programme are:

  • An understanding of the role of projects in organizational change and innovation;
  • A thorough understanding of the phases and activities of the project life cycle;
  • A thorough understanding of the concepts of stakeholders, project outputs vs. project outcomes, business case, work breakdown structure, planning & organising, project governance, risks, scope creep and changes;
  • An understanding of the dynamics of organisational change;
  • An understanding of team dynamics;
  • An understanding of the different approaches (agile versus predictive) to project management.

Study load

105 hours of lectures/group assignments + exam preparation (including self-study).


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The fee includes participation in the official PRINCE2 ® Foundation examination. 

The Student Fee applies to all students currently enrolled in a Bachelor, Master or PhD programme and to 'Fresh Alumni' of any of these programmes. If this applies to you and you therefore believe that you are eligible for the reduced student fee, please include this in your motivation.

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20 June 2023