1-Day Webinar Stress Management: A Personalized Approach to Dealing with Long & Short Term Stress Effectively

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This course is closed and you can't apply anymore. Please check our other courses.

During this webinar, we will discuss the various causes of stress and ways to deal with that stress effectively. The content is based on decades of evidence-based and practical research and tools. We take a personal approach, and you will learn what your coping styles are and how you can make yourself more effective. This webinar will be offered online.

Are you experiencing high levels of stress? Do you find yourself worrying a great deal? Are you delaying and struggling with your workload and experiencing anxiety? Are you experiencing stress related to your financial situation? Do you experience health issues because of it? ....this is the course for you.......

In this online training, you’ll become more aware of what your triggers of stress are and how to deal with stress effectively. The intended learning outcomes of this training are to help you to break the tension and you learn which method suits you best and how you can fine-tune your own effectiveness. Together with experts, you will work on creating a more healthy motivation, tame your inner critic and encourage a compassionate and resilient mindset. All this will help you to live and study more efficiently, enjoy your studies more and find a healthy balance.

Preparation: before starting the online meeting, an online question list and various introduction animations will be sent to all participants. The results will be discussed  and, the questions are various psychometric tests measuring your before and after the course styles and stress levels.

Learning objectives: 

  • Identifying triggers of stress
  • Identifying coping styles
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of coping styles
  • Developing resilience in stressful situations
  • Subjective focus on an individual level
  • Mental and financial healthy approaches to stress

The MSTeams meeting link for the online webinar will be send to you some days prior to the event.

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Dr. Edwin Weesie

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This webinar is open to anyone, from background

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Contact hours:  1 day 


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Edwin Weesie | E: edwin.weesie@hu.nl 


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14 July 2023