History of Art: Relations between Italy and the Netherlands - Track

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Unfortunately this track is fully booked. But, we do also offer a great track course called Founding Europe in Rome - Utrecht. Feel free to take a look on the course page and apply.

The Utrecht Summer School offers the opportunity to travel back in time and experience the art of both traditions firsthand, staying in two cities that played a crucial role in the art of their country: Florence and Utrecht. This highly interactive course takes place largely in front of the original artworks, allowing you to experience, discuss and learn more about them in their close proximity.

Experts of our partner institute in Florence will tell you all about the works of the great Italian Masters of the Renaissance. The names of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio are associated with some of the most original, appealing and amazing achievements in the visual arts. What drove these versatile artists to reach the pinnacle of perfection and what is it that makes their works so special and appealing even to a modern audience? To answer these questions this course will take the student back to the period of the Italian Renaissance focusing not only on the original context in which the works of art were made, but also on artworks by their peers with whom they often competed. 

The journey then continues up north, in Utrecht, where you will discover the Golden Age of Dutch Art. This part of the course takes you back in time to the Dutch 17th century: the early modern period, when Dutch ships sailed the oceans from the Americas to the Indies, and the tiny Dutch Republic dominated the world's stage. All the landscapes, seascapes, portraits and still lives may look so realistic that one can feel the sea-breeze and smell the grapes, but in fact, nothing in these artistic works really is what it seems.

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Prof. dr. Michael Kwakkelstein & Anna Koldeweij, MA

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The course is open to participants (graduates and non-graduates) from all disciplines with a keen interest in Art History. No experience required.


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Accommodation in Florence: The check-in date for this course at NIKI is Friday 30 June 2023, between 10.00 - 20.00. The majority of the students will stay at the NIKI, some will stay in an apartment nearby. This is scheduled by the Utrecht Summer School office or the NIKI. In case you cannot arrive on Friday, please contact the NIKI one month prior to the start of the course to arrange an alternative check-in.

The transfer from Florence to Utrecht is included in the course fee. The transfer is optional. If you wish to arrange your own transfer, please take a look on this page. If you choose to make your own travel arrangements, make sure to indicate this in the application and you will receive a € 150 course fee reduction. Please note that if we arrange your transfer, your baggage may not exceed 20 kg (44 lbs). Students are responsible for travel arrangements from their home country to Florence and from Utrecht to their home country. 

Accommodation in Utrecht: Take a look here for more information. 

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