Online Crazy '88

Date Monday 17-08-2020
Time 08:08 - 00:00
Meeting point In your home
Price This is event is free of charge
Availability Tickets available!
The Online Crazy '88 is an exciting race against the clock and each other. 88 challenges must be completed within five days. This will be a tough battle where only the strongest survive. Some of you won’t make it and some of you will reach the top. One thing is certain: this will be the most exciting and interesting quarantine activity you have done so far.

The challenge will start every other week. You will be sorted in groups of 2 to 4 people and you will have to complete as many challenges as possible. Make sure you keep contact with each other by means of [a Whatsapp group for example] and try to divide the challenges together!


1. Complete as many challenges as possible. For every completed challenge you will receive 1 point.
2. Be creative and resourceful. Teams with the most creative executed challenges will receive not 1 point, but 5 points for that specific challenge.
3. All challenges must be recorded by photo, video or text. Please mention the challenge number when recording, so we can easily check it. They must be send to us via Wetransfer (
4. Please keep the government guidelines in mind when trying to complete a challenge.
5. The game starts on Monday and ends on Friday. You will have five days.
6. Veel succes! Viel Erfolg! Bonne Chance! Good luck! Boa Sorte! Buena Suerte! Lycka Till! In Bocca al Lupo! 祝好運! सौभाग्य! حظا طيبا وفقك الله!

Once you have signed up for this activity, we will divide you in teams and give you more information via email.
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