Reviewing Internationalisation: Open to Global Change?

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The course takes a higher education, international relations, legal, and public policy perspective and combines theory with workshops, case studies and active team work. It is indispensable for researchers who wish to enhance the focus and scope of their research and for practitioners and policy makers involved in university (re-)strategizing. The dialogue between these different actors, coming from a broad range of countries, has proven highly valuable in previous versions of this course.


This course will take both an internal and an external perspective on internationalization at institutional and system levels.

Internal: seeking a deeper understanding of internationalization as manifest in different disciplines and professional fields within universities, with its consequences for cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary collaboration and mobility. It will reveal that there is no one size fits all approach to this internally differentiated aspect of higher education.

External: providing a dynamic orientation on the changing global context; geo-political  tensions, conflict, and war, leading to de- and re-globalization, regionalization, the rise of nationalism, protectionism, and enhanced security concerns. it will examine the role of the EU in the world and unfold the challenges to openness that universities face in defending their mission and values in relation to narrowing regulatory frameworks and enhanced risk.

The course is co-sponsored by the IoS Platform Openness Challenged: the University at Risk and the UU Programme for Internationalisation.

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Course director
Prof.dr. Marijk van der Wende


Course direction: Prof. dr. Marijk van der Wende (course director) and Dr. Anastasia Kurysheva (course co-director)

Lecturers: Dr. Lavinia Kortese (UU); Mr. Bart van de Laar, MSc (UU); Mr. Jurgen Rienks, LLM (Nether); Mrs. Uliana Furiv, MSc (ELIA), Prof. dr. Isak Froumin (Constructor University), Dr. Igor Chiricov (UC Berkeley), Dr. Yuzhuo Cai (Tampere University).  


Target audience

Graduate students (advanced / research masters and PhD), young researchers (postdocs), and professionals interested in a global perspective on higher education.

Aim of the course

This course is essential for graduate students, scholars and practitioners from Europe and beyond, aimed to enhance their understanding of internationalization in the changing global context.


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01 July 2023