Veterinary Medicine: Bridging programme for the Utrecht Master’s programme Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health

Organizing institution
Utrecht University - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Course code
Course fee (excl. housing)
€ 1500.00
Advanced Bachelor
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A summer course for students considering following a Master in Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health. This bridging programme is specifically suited for students who are excited at the prospect of being part of the continuous improvement of the farm animal sector with respect to welfare, health performance and veterinary public health.

This four-week course takes place on site, using the facilities and animals of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. 

The course includes intensive training in the physical examination of animals, with an emphasis on cattle, swine and poultry. Furthermore, based on examinations of both written evidence and real patients, students will learn clinical reasoning along with some associated issues on animal welfare, ethics and legislation. Students are also expected to write a narrative review which will be graded at the end of the course.

All other elements of the course are tested via a formal examination. Students with an accredited EAEVE (undergraduate) degree in veterinary medicine who pass this examination and who show a proficiency in both Dutch and English can apply for admission to the Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health Master’s programme at Utrecht University (please note that successful completion of the summer school does not give automatic admission to the Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health Master’s programme ). The Master’s programme trains students to become generally certified veterinarians.

Utrecht University is the only university in the Netherlands with a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The quality of the Dutch veterinary education is internationally recognized by the AVMA and the EAEVE and contributes to the high level of veterinary performance in the Dutch animal sector as exemplified by optimizing disease prevention at the population level and minimizing antibiotic use.

Students are tested at the end of the course on all elements via a formal examination and the narrative review is graded.

Download the day-to-day programme (PDF)

Course director

Ruurd Jorritsma, DVM PhD MSc

Target audience

The course is aimed – exclusively - at applicants with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from EAEVE accredited veterinary schools who are not yet certified veterinarians and who are interested in applying for admission to the three-year Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health Master’s programme at Utrecht University.
(Accredited schools can be found on the EAEVE website)

Course aim

At the end of this course, students should be able to perform a thorough clinical examination of a variety of animal species, mainly cattle, swine and poultry, but also dogs, cats and horses. They should also be able to apply clinical reasoning, leading to a list of potential diagnoses, suggestions for additional tests (e.g. microbiological, biochemical), treatment options, and a prevention strategy.

Study load

Approximately 23 hours per week of lectures and instruction and a similar number of hours of self-study. Students will need another 20 hours to write the narrative review. The narrative review needs to be submitted before September 1st 2019, so either during or soon after completion of the Summer School.


Course fee
€ 1500.00
Housing fee
€ 650.00

Housing through Utrecht Summer School


For this course you are required to upload the following documents when applying:

  • Transcript of Grades

More information

For more information about the course (and the admission criteria to the Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health Master’s programme), please consult this page (including FAQs). If you have any further questions, you may contact Mrs. Miriam Hoogeveen from the Educational and Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at m.hoogeveen1@uu.nl . 


Application deadline: 12 May 2019