Chemical Safety Assessment under REACH

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This four day training provides a full introduction in chemical safety assessment and offers you the opportunity to apply the theoretical framework directly in your own practice. Therefore the training involves a crash course on the first day in which a general overview of the REACH legislation, processes and the chemical safety assessment (CSA) is provided, with short interactive exercises. In the remaining part of the course the participants select a REACH relevant chemical to perform their own chemical safety assessment. On each day in a stepwise approach the theoretical background is provided, available tools are explained and briefly demonstrated after which you can bring it into practice with your selected chemical of interest under supervision of experts. After selecting a chemical the CSA starts with data gathering, selection and evaluation (day 2), hazard assessment (day 2 and 3), exposure assessment (day 3), and risk characterization (day 3). Within the course we briefly touch upon risk management measures (day 4) and the special topics PBT/PMT, endocrine disruption, nanomaterials and mixture toxicity. On the final day the participants are expected to pitch their most important lesson(s) learned to share their insights.

This course provides a combination of lectures and exercises with practical examples in which you have the opportunity to work with exposure assessment models.

The course is divided in two parts:

PART I (day 1)

General introduction to chemical safety assessment (CSA) and REACH

Introduction into chemical safety and risk management;

REACH headlines;

CSA-tool, data evaluation and selection;


Hazard and risk assessment in human toxicology and C&L;

Hazard and risk assessment in ecotoxicology and C&L;

PBT assessment and PMT substances

Chemical Strategy for Sustainability.

PART II (day 2-4)

Chemical safety assessment & hands on training

Data gathering and evaluation

eChemPortal and ECHA dissemination site;

Data estimation: QSAR for phys.-chem. endpoints;

Data estimation: QSAR for environmental endpoints;

Data estimation: analogue, category approach and (Q)SARs for human endpoints;


Data search & generation and DNEL derivation;

 Exposure estimation

Life cycle analysis & exposure scenarios;

Worker, consumer and environmental exposure assessment;

CSA of nano-forms under REACH;

 Risk Characterization

Risk management options & SVHC roadmap;

Risk characterization;

REACH regulatory processes: authorisation & restriction;

Endocrine disrupting chemicals;

EUROMIX: mixture and combined toxicity.

Course director
dr Mieke Lumens


Experienced speakers from governmental institutions

Target audience

Professionals within industry, academia, governments and consultants, who want to advance their knowledge on REACH and the Chemical Safety Assessment of industrial chemicals


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Course + course materials + lunch


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Mieke Lumens, PhD


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01 December 2022