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This intensive and interactive, two-week course focuses first on the theory and practice of international law in a general sense, before we zoom in during the second week on issues pertaining particularly to the law of the sea. During the first week, you will look at the role of international law in responding to today's global challenges. Together, we will examine the nature and function of international law, its sources and subjects, international dispute settlement, questions of jurisdiction and immunities, state responsibility, as well as international security law. During the second week, an introduction is provided to the law that regulates the oceans. After the introductory lecture, particular core issues of the law of the sea will be examined in more detail. We will look at the maritime zones, their extent, substantive regime, and maritime boundary delimitation in case of overlapping claims. 

This Special Track combines the courses Public International Law and the Law of the Sea. The aim of the first week of this combined track is to provide the participants with a basic introduction to selected issues of international law, and to show its relevance in today's most pertinent global challenges. What influence does international law have in the tough world of politics and power? We will introduce the participants to the sources of international law: treaties, customary international law, and general principles. We will also identify the subjects of the international legal order: States, international organisations, peoples, individuals, armed groups, and others. We will look at questions of jurisdiction and immunities. We will also look at issues of international responsibility. In the second week, you will look in particular at international fisheries law, and offshore energy production. Another session will be devoted to dispute settlement in the law of the sea. In looking at recent development we will have a session on future developments of the law of the sea, including the feasibility of the development of an instrument for the governance of areas beyond national jurisdiction.


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Prof. dr. Alex Oude Elferink & Prof. dr. Cedric Ryngaert


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