The New Silk Road

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Utrecht University - Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
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€ 600.00
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Connecting students and universities from China and Europe.

International relations are shifting as multilateral trade and cooperation are being renegotiated by the US and UK. Meanwhile, China is launching the New Silk Road (or One Belt One Road) that could potentially span and integrate major parts of the world across the Euro-Asian continents.
Based on the UU-led international research project on the New Silk Road, this course will explore how these new relationships are affecting cooperation between Chinese and European universities. 

Globalization is increasingly contested in the West, while China claims a leading role towards a more sustainable and inclusive version of economic globalization. Should we understand this as "globalization with Chinese characteristics"? It is crucial to learn to understand China better and to have an open eye at how its rise and changing international position concerns Europe.

Cooperation in higher education and the mobility of students and researchers are major components of the new relations between China and Europe. But it is unclear how these new relationships are affecting European higher education and research. What types of academic flows and cooperation activities are emerging along the NSR, what do students experience, and how do universities respond? Under which (legal - regulatory and  technological) conditions are these activities taking place and who defines these? What values are underpinning the mission of the university in Europe and in China and how will cooperation contribute towards an open society?

This course will explore these questions, based on the on-going findings from the UU-led international research project on the New Silk Road.

Graduate students (research masters and PhD) from social sciences, law, economics, and cultural studies, will be invited to actively contribute by presenting their own research (plans) in this area, which will be discussed in small groups led by senior scholars. 

Course director

Prof. dr. Marijk van der Wende


An interdisciplinary team of scholars from universities engaged in the UU-led  international research project on the New Silk Road. 

Target audience

Graduate students (research masters and PhD) from law, economics, social sciences, and cultural studies. The group will include an international mix of students from China, Europe and elsewhere.


Course fee
€ 600.00
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€ 200.00

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Applicants are encouraged to describe their motivation for the course on the basis of research they are undertaking, or planning to undertake, in the context of their graduate programme (research master of PhD).

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Application deadline: 01 April 2019