Professional Ethical Judgment for Global Transformations

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This course is closed and you can't apply anymore. Please check our other courses.

The course will be on offer again in 2022.

Develop your professional judgment in this case study-driven course for professionals operating in a complex, global, constantly-transforming world. You will learn how to ethically resolve professional dilemmas, take into account the interests of all stakeholders, and communicate your decisions to superiors, colleagues and stakeholders. This course provides plentiful opportunities for networking with other professionals and experts in your field. 

This course will provide professionals with theoretical and practical tools to understand the ethical dilemmas posed by global transformations to their professional decision-making. The professionals will leave this course equipped with the professional ethical judgment skills necessary to address those dilemmas. The approach taken is interdisciplinary and will combine philosophical ethics with insights from law, business, history and decision-making studies.

This course will actively engage participants in the ethical judgment process by having participants solve numerous case studies together. Further, participants will be asked to come up with a problem from their own professional experience that they will work through and solve based on the insights gained from this course. Students will finish the course with a concrete action plan for how to deal with the decision-making challenges posed by global challenges in their professional life. 

Tentative course schedule:

Day 1: Global Transformations (Laura Henderson, Elaine Mak, Johan Schot)

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • What are global transformations and what challenges do they pose for decision-makers?
  • Case study 1
  • Interview with practioner
  • Opening reception

Day 2: Professional Ethical Judgment (Laura Henderson, Elaine Mak, Rutger Claassen)

  • What are professional ethics and what is judgment?
  • Professional Disobedience
  • Brainstorm your professional ethical judgment dilemma
  • Interview with practitioner 

Day 3: Cultivating Professional Ethical Judgment (Laura Henderson, Iris van Domselaar)

  • Designing a life that allows for professional ethical judgment
  • Cultivating virtue 
  • Excursion to organisation that practices professional ethical judgment
  • Interview with practitioner from excursion site 

Day 4: Simulation (Laura Henderson and guest experts)

  • Introduction to simulation case study and to experts
  • Work on case study in teams
  • Present solution to expert panel

Day 5: Solving your Professional Ethical Judgment Challenge (Laura Henderson)

  • Define your challenge and design solution
  • Film & discussion
  • Closing reception & award ceremony for winning simulation team
Course director
Dr. Laura Henderson


The module will be taught by lecturers affiliated with the Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges, such as:

Dr. Laura Henderson

Prof. Elaine Mak

Prof. Rutger Claassen

Dr. Iris van Domselaar 

Prof. Johan Schot 

(to be confirmed)

Target audience

Professionals with 0-5 years experience, working with global issues, who are confronted by ethical challenges. For example, legal counsels at multinational corporations, civil servants at ministries, consultants for governments or multinational corporations, policy officers at NGOs or international organisations. Participants must be able to work at a university level.

This course will be held completely online and will facilitate participation from different time zones.


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Utrecht University alumni qualify for a fee discount of 40% (discounted fee = €450). Additionally, Utrecht University alumni may refer 1 course participant who will also qualify for this discounted fee. Please indicate in your application whether you qualify for this discounted fee and why. 


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31 May 2021