FinTech Talent Program

Organizing institution
Utrecht University - Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
Course code
Course fee (excl. housing)
€ 750.00
Advanced Bachelor
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FinTech ('Finance' and 'Technology') encompasses innovative financial products and services that enable businesses and their customers to attract financing and to better manage their money and assets. FinTech is radically transforming the finance industry by changing the scale and scope of competition among financial institutions and by offering financial solutions to new business models. During this summer school, we will investigate how FinTech entrepreneurs can develop and grow in a sustainable manner, as well as, how policymakers and regulators can ensure that the new financial landscape is more resilient and better able to foster sustainable economic development.  

This course will delve into the innovations that underpin FinTech, the competitive strategies of old and new financial institutions as well as the challenges these innovations bring for regulators, consumers and for sustainable growth.

Course aims to provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to understand the FinTech disruption. To this end, participants will engage with legal and economic scholars with in-depth knowledge of FinTech as well as with established entrepreneurs with relevant practical knowledge and broad views on innovations and alternative finance.

Participants will be introduced to the main FinTech innovations and to their transformative implications: (1) New technologies (e.g. dis-intermediation, digitalization, Blockchain), (2) New funding (e.g. crowdfunding and peer-to-business lending); (3) New payment systems (e.g. mobile, digital, crypto-); (4) New assets (Tokens, ICOs/ STOs); (5) New advisors (robo-advisors, AI, self-executing contracts); (6) New regulations (e.g. PSD II; AML/ CFT 5th Directive, RegTech).

Finally, participants will develop a tailor made solution in response to a real problem of the FinTech industry and present it to a panel of experts.

Download the day-to-day programme (PDF)

Course director

dr. Hanna Deleanu


To be announced.

Target audience

Talented (advanced) Bachelor and Master students, PhD students, policymakers, and market professionals that wish to acquire a deeper understanding of FinTech - technologies, new business solutions and competitive industry dynamics and regulations - are encouraged to apply.

Course aim

This course aims to train (future) economic, legal and governance advisers as well as policymakers that are keen to understand the risks and the opportunities brought by the IT developments in the world of finance and look for sustainable and socially oriented solutions.

Study load

Contact hours daily: 4-5 hours (lectures, discussions, assignments)
Self-study daily: 4 hours (preparation, research, solution development)

Assignment: Participants will have to develop a FinTech solution, to display their mastering of the course content and ability to offer a real solution tailor-made to the FinTech industry. Students who need a grade for the course in order to obtain ECTS at their home universities will get an adapted assignment. Grading is based on a 10-point scale on the weighted sum of different elements.


Course fee
€ 750.00
Housing fee
€ 350.00

Housing through Utrecht Summer School


Scholarships of €250 are available for talented students upon request (this applies only to the course fee). Note that the eligibility for the scholarship will be communicated to the applicant upon registration and submission of all the necessary documents.


For this course you are required to upload the following documents when applying:

  • Motivation Letter
  • C.V.

More information

Hanna Deleanu (E.; T. +31 (0) 641 011 686)

Ronald Kleverlaan (E.; T. +31 (0) 628 254 452)


Application deadline: 12 July 2019