Teaching in English for Higher Education Professionals

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Are you going to be teaching or giving lectures in English in the near future and would you like to improve your language skills for the classroom or (virtual) lecture hall? Then this is just the course for you. The programme would also be suitable if you are going to lead workshops or other small-group activities in English.

You will reflect on your approach to teaching in English, practise teaching in English, and receive feedback from your trainer. You will also explore the cultural dynamics of the international classroom.


During this course, you will activate and expand your teaching in English skills.

Course activities include: 

  • Developing your instruction language so you can set up and manage even the most complicated or unusual of learning tasks 
  • Adding to your vocabulary and grammar knowledge so you can be more fluent in the classroom setting
  • Dealing with student questions, concerns and misunderstandings in English
  • Giving feedback, both written and oral 
  • Working with international student groups, who may have very different expectations about learning and assessment
  • Didactic skills: how could you improve or redesign an activity to make it more accessible or engaging for an international student group? 
  • Practising your teaching - experiment with a new activity type, or push yourself to use English more creatively. 

This course is suitable for people who have reached CEFR level B2.  

To check your level, you will need to take the Babel placement test. This test consists of two parts: multiple choice questions and writing tasks. A teacher will assess your language skills. On the basis of your test result, you will be advised on a suitable course. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 5 working days to assess your language level.

Day-to-day programme (PDF)
Course director
Alison Brown

Aim of the course

The purpose of this course is to improve your ability to teach your subject in English and to increase awareness of the international classroom and its challenges.

Study load

Number of contact hours: 12 (4 x 3 hours)
Self-study and homework hours: 8

Total hours: 20


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Course + course materials
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Utrecht Summer School

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08 August 2022