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Are you a non-native English speaker who plans to teach in English in the near future? Our intensive Teaching in English course will help you gain more confidence and become more adept at teaching in English. In small groups of up to 10 students with a qualified trainer you will acquire insight into English Medium teaching, practise your English teaching skills and receive valuable feedback from the trainer and fellow teachers. 

This course helps you get accustomed to English-Medium teaching (which uses English as the primary medium of instruction) and to improve your own EMI skills. We will also explore the dynamics of the international classroom and work on your personal language skills.

Course activities include: 

  • Vocabulary for the English Medium Instruction classroom: rephrasing, pre-teaching, daily expressions and personal vocabulary system.
  • Grammar: verbs, modal verbs and questions.
  • Awareness and practice of EMI methodology: scaffolding, interaction and creating a safe learning environment, dealing with questions, socializing, visual support and classroom English.
  • Intercultural communication skills.
  • Teaching a session.
  • Pronunciation practise.

In the unfortunate event we cannot offer the course on location, a virtual classroom setting will be available for language courses. Check the course description for more information. 

Course director

Alison Brown

Target audience

This course is suitable for people who have reached CEFR level B2 or higher.  

An English language proficiency test, consisting of multiple choice questions and writing assignments, must be completed in advance to determine your level. A teacher will assess your language skills and give personal advice about the most appropriate English course. Please keep in mind it can take up to 5 working days to assess your level.

Course aim

The purpose of this course is to improve your EMI skills and increase your awareness of the international classroom.

Study load

Number of contact hours: 27.


Course fee:
Course + course materials
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Housing through: Utrecht Summer School.

More information

Babel Language Institute | English courses Utrecht | T: +31 (0)30 227 0008 | E: info@babel.nl


Application deadline: 01 May 2021

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