Survival Dutch (A0 → A1-)

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Would you like to be able to manage everyday situations in the Netherlands and understand the Dutch culture better? In this course, you will learn about some basic skills in Dutch, for instance, how to introduce yourself. There is also a focus on Dutch culture. How do Dutch people treat each other? What does Dutch food culture look like? What do Dutch people do in their free time? What is expected of you at university and at work? The focus of the course is on listening, speaking and culture. Language and culture lessons take place in the morning and cultural activities in the city in the afternoon.

This beginner's course offers a first introduction to the Dutch language and culture. At the end of the course you:

  • will have a basic Dutch vocabulary
  • can hold an informal introductory conversation
  • can order food and drink in a café or restaurant
  • can go shopping
  • can invite someone to a fun activity
  • can get to know the city of Utrecht
  • know the manners in the Netherlands (in formal and informal situations)
  • have become acquainted with Dutch culture (including food and drink, leisure, work and study)

Registration information: registration closes 4 weeks before the start of the course. You can apply via this website. You don’t have to do a placement test for this course, as it’s a beginners course.

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Course director
Maud Beersmans

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  • Total study load: 33 hours
  • Contact hours: 25
  • Hours of self study: 8


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Course + course materials
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Utrecht Summer School

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21 July 2023