Cambridge English Preliminary (A2+ → B1) mid July

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Please note: Should Babel not be able to offer its courses on location due to the COVID-19 regulations, it will provide the courses in an online setting instead. Babel is already offering online language courses, using proven methods. 

Do you want to improve your English to B1 level? Then this follow-up Pre-intermediate Cambridge English course is the right course for you. You study a variety of subjects from health and lifestyle changes, discovery and invention to family relationships and values.

Covering all four skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. In the course, you will focus on practical situations for everyday use such as asking and answering questions, giving information and asking for and giving advice. Grammar revision and self-study are integral components of the course. 

This Pre-intermediate Cambridge English course will help you take your English to that next level. You will be working on your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

Specifically, the course focuses on:

  • expanding your vocabulary;
  • increasing general conversational skills;
  • developing reading skills;
  • acquiring learning strategies;
  • improving pronunciation;
  • increasing knowledge of grammar;
  • improving listening skills;
  • improving writing skills.
This course is suitable for people who have reached CEFR level A2.
You are required to do a placement test developed by Babel. This test consists of two parts: multiple choice and writing. A teacher will assess your language skills. On the basis of your test result you will get an advice about which course is suitable for you.  Please note that it can take up to 5 working days until your language level is assessed. In case you have already completed the placement test we kindly ask for your patience, the Babel Service Desk will review your application within a few days. 

Course director

Marc Gebuis, Msc

Course aim

This course aims to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, expand your vocabulary and learn self-study strategies. The course aim is to reach level B1.

Study load

Contact hours: 27 Hours of self study at the institute: 12 Homework: 11 Total study load: 50 hours.


Course fee:
Course + course materials
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Housing through: Utrecht Summer School.

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Application deadline: 01 May 2020