Rehabilitation of the Hand

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Are you interested in rehabilitation of the hand, and do you want to spend two weeks of your summer to accelerate on this topic? This is your chance to join us during our interesting and varied programme! The course is intended for students and recent graduates in physiotherapy and related fields, interested in hand therapy. Participants will gain knowledge and skills of the most common traumatic injuries and interventions (both therapeutic and surgical) of the hand and wrist. Experience benefits of the knowledge and inspiration that you will acquire during this summer course.

This course is intended for students and recent graduates in physiotherapy and related fields interested in hand therapy. For those interested in pursuing a career in hand therapy this course will provide an excellent foundation. For others, it will provide a solid base of knowledge for occasional 'hand patients'. A huge variety of course material will be offered during the weeks.

The purpose of this two week summer course is to provide participants with knowledge and skills of the most common traumatic injuries and related interventions, both therapeutical and surgical. The participant will obtain a deeper understanding of hand anatomy and movement patterns. The diagnostic process is discussed in seminars and in presence of ‘real life’ patient cases. We will design treatment plans in accordance with the wound healing process and the contextual factors of the patient. We will use various interactive methods to encourage clinical reasoning. You will be introduced to the specialized field of hand therapy during lectures and workshops by different professions, e.g. a plastic surgeon, physical- and occupational therapists.

Of course it is an illusion that you can become an expert in hand rehabilitation within a period of two weeks. On the other hand, you will learn things and get acquainted with knowledge and skills to distinguish in the field. We hope and expect that you and your future patients will experience benefits of the knowledge and inspiration that you will gain during this summer course.

Day-to-day programme (PDF)
Course director
Katrien van der Velden

Target audience

Students (2nd year and higher) and recent graduates in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinetics therapy and medical students interested in hand therapy.

Aim of the course

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe the functional anatomy of the hand and wrist.
  2. Recognize the clinical features of common hand and wrist pathologies.
  3. Evaluate hand and wrist function.
  4. Make a choice in treatment options for patients, based on wound healing principles and functional anatomy.
  5. Communicate in English within a professional context.
  6. Explain the value of an interdisciplinary approach in hand rehabilitation

Study load

The course consists of 2 x 5 weekdays from 9am to 5pm: (Guest) lectures, workshops, group assignment and excursions.

Preparation assignment: refreshing anatomy and wound healing principles and pre-reading.


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  • The fee for professionals, both foreign and Dutch is €800
  • All students receive a €200 discount and pay a fee of €600
  • The fee for students from partner universities is €450
  • The fee for Hogeschool Utrecht and IBS students is €50

Please do not make your payment before the discount has been added.


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To be considered for the student discount, please mention in your motivation that you are a (partner)student and attach a proof of registration at your University. 

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25 May 2022