Oncology: Cancer Care through the Circle of Life

Organizing institution
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - Healthcare
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Course fee (excl. housing)
€ 600.00

In this course you work in multidisciplinary groups (e.g. nursing, medical, physiotherapy, social work).You learn how to participate in a multidisciplinary team. You learn about the importance of combining the different perspectives. The ICF-system (International Classification of Functioning, disability and health) will be used as our common language. The course includes classes about oncology, organisation of care, age specific care, personalized cancer care and various site visits. 

Cancer is a worldwide problem and is a disease of all times. Cancer can develop at any age, to illustrate in children, adolescents, (young) adults and in the elderly. Due to this variety of ages and the different kind of tumors, it is important to ask which care patients with cancer need. This two week course will provide a comprehensive overview about cancer care through the circle of life. Topics discussed in this course represent: what is cancer and how is it treated, how is care for patients with cancer organized and how do we come to personalized cancer care?               

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Course director

Marieke Schreuder-Cats

Target audience

This course is intended for nursing, medical, physiotherapy, social work and allied health care workers who want to learn about cancer care and working in an international context.

Course aim

To provide students with the latest knowledge and skills in the area of cancer care through the circle of life.


Course fee
€ 600.00
Housing fee
€ 350.00

Housing through Utrecht Summer School

Course fee for HU students: 100 euro

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Mobile: 0031 6 30570307

Email: marieke.schreuder-cats@hu.nl


Application deadline: 10 June 2019